We are excited to grow with you!

Please read rules & waiver below!

Studio Safety Precautions HERE

What do I do?
1. Contact information

2.  List any health concerns and/or injuries
2. Please read the waiver below & type  "I (full name) agree to this waiver"



Make friends & be respectful

Make friends with fellow students, you may them to be a fantastic support system!  Always show respect for fellow students, teachers & yourself!  Please do not gossip or talk badly of others.  This is a positive, safe space for all.


Come to class ready

Do your best to be on time, and be ready to dance.  All payments should be made prior to class.  Social times are before and after class.


If you have to miss a class...

Please contact Megg via e-mail  to inform her of a missed class ahead of time if possible.  If majority of the class is absent due to weather or sickness classes can be rescheduled


Take care of your body

Take care of your beautiful body and pay attention.  Let an instuctor know if something hurts, modifications will gladly be taught.  Stay hydrated, do any extra stetching that is needed before and after class


No perfumes please

Please refrain from wearing perfume, lotions, body sprays and deodorants with perfumes as it can cause respiratory problems for myself & perhaps others in class.  Most essential oils are acceptable, please be mindful, I thank you in advance.


Please don't "Side Teach"

Please resist the urge to answer students quetions that are meant for the teacher.  Your approach or answer could be different from the point that your teacher is trying to make. 

If you think you can help someone understand a move in another way, or if you feel you have something important to add, please ask the teacher.

If you have a question, please direct it to the teacher not the students.  If you have an interest in teaching and helping students that's wonderful, and please let Megg direct you in how to do so with less confusion.


Have FUN!

Please relax, let go, and have fun!  Connect with others before and after classes!  Come to events and let's grow this beautiful, kind, supportive community!