Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Wear clothing that you can move freely in.  Yoga pants, leggings, shorts, skirts (with shorts or leggings under cause we stretch), tank top, t-shirt, sports bra & crop tops.  You should feel comfortable & beautiful!

How do I sign up for class?

There are directions HERE

1. Choose your class in the store

2. Select and add to cart & Pay 

3. Visit Student Info after

Where do I go?

709 Laurel Street Brainerd Mn 56468

West entrance (bright purple door)

Do I have to know how to dance?

No, our job is to teach you!  No experience needed in beginning classes.  Everyone starts at the beginning and that's beautiful!  We specialize in supporting beginners all the way through advanced! 

What if class is canceled?

If class is cancel by the teacher, it will be rescheduled.  If class can NOT be rescheduled, student will be refunded.

What days and times are classes?

A class schedule is HERE please register and pay ASAP so we can keep track of numbers.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes, Online classes are HERE through Patreon

What if I miss a class?

Life happens and sometimes classes are missed, it's OK, contact Megg HERE to let her know you will be absent ASAP.  She will tell you what we worked on! There is no refund for missed classes, you are welcome to come to any beginning class within a WEEK to make up for it.

Do I have to show my belly?

Nope, although we believe all bellies are beautiful!  Every shape and size is welcome and appreciated in this studio!  It is a personal choice though, just do YOU!







Maybe have some nerves about taking a class? Check out what our wonderful students have to say!

Megg is a kind, patient individual who consistently encourages others

~Laurette Clemmens


Meggan's classes always leave me feeling great and so glad I went! She is so welcoming, encouraging, funny and insightful! Her style of dancing is beautiful, healing, fun and creative. Highly recommend!

~ Chelsea Straw

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect my first class! I had never done anything like belly dance before. If you're reading this and are feeling the same, I encourage you to give Megg's classes a try!
Megg is a fantastic, supportive, kind and fun teacher. She makes classes accessible to all levels of dancers. You will always leave class feeling great about investing time in yourself and being surrounded by an amazing community of dancers.

~ Shari Olson



Megg makes everyone feel welcomed in class. She breaks down moves in counts and to feel the music. Then you do a recap and drill at the end. She answers all your questions and you feel so comfortable in class even if your flailing around. That’s still fun too! It’s fun to get out and have support from the dance sisters (and sometimes dance brothers ❤️) dance has helped me with grief, mental and physical issues and not to mention my confidence! I’m so thankful there is some dance forms out there and she continues to teach. Come and join a class, I bet you won’t stop!

~ D.Bock