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We offer online classes & workshops in Fusion belly dance, Elemental Flow & Bonsai Dance® 


At MG Studio we believe that through movement you can cultivate a growth mindset, and find beauty and power within yourself. When you take time to focus on and develop yourself, by nourishing and connecting to your body through movement, you are able to
connect with others on a deeper level.


Movement allows us to heal, and through healing we become better parents, better partners, better friends, better community members, and better people.  Our goal is to provide a supportive space for people of all body types, ages, and walks of life to connect with their bodies and move with ease and joy.


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BELLYDANCE!?!! I could NEVER do that!
There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the word Belly dance, and
here at MGS we want to set the record straight!


Myth: Belly dancers are Strippers
Nope! While we 100% support strippers, exotic and pole dancers, burlesque dancers,
and all other types of dancers, Belly dance is not stripping, or for sexual arousal of any
type. Belly dance has a long history, but the dance styles originated in North Africa and
the Middle East. (give a little more belly dance history here, how belly dance came to
the us and how long it's been performed here). Belly dance is commonly performed at
weddings, festivals, parties, and is a celebration of life and femininity. Belly dance is
now a huge genre with a wide array of styles and subgenre's, performed by all types

of people.

MYTH: Only skinny/femme/long haired/etc. people Belly dance
No ma'am! This dance style is for everybody. These dance styles originate from folk
dance - in other words, this is how you would dance in the kitchen with your
grandmother, it's how you'd dance at a party, everyone no matter their age, gender, or
body type would do these types of movements when the music came on. One of the
reason Belly dance has seen such popularity world wide is that it's a gentle
approachable movement form that is available to most body types and accessible to
pick up as an adult with no dance experience!


MYTH: I have to show my belly
Not at all. In class you can wear whatever is comfortable (we encourage yoga pants
and a tank top so that you can move comfortably). The common image of a
belly dancer in a sparkly bra and skirt is a western phenomenon particular to 60's and
70's American Cabaret style Belly dance. This is not a traditional costume, and is not at
all mandatory for dancers to wear. (Most Fusion Belly dancers do not wear this style of
costume at all!) If you do ever decide to perform, there are many beautiful belly dance
costume options that don't require a bare midriff. If you're just going to be dancing in
class, you can wear whatever feels good to you. And who knows, after dancing for a
while, you may just have a totally different opinion about your belly (we're sure it's

Got any others? We'd love to hear them! If you have a fear or concern keeping you
from stepping into class, we're here for you. Email us.

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