Community, Grace & Empowerment



Belly Dance

"Imagine moving through the world with strength, grace & an empowered sense of connection with yourself & others"  

Bonsai Belly Dance is a unique form of group improvisation, inspired by martial arts, nature & nerd pop culture created by Megg Shepard.  We use a unique mix of combinations, formations & movements to connect with each other to make any number of dancers look harmonized & choreographed.  


We draw in the martial arts aspect from Okinawan karate & Qi Gong, making this style strong yet fluid, giving the dancer a sense of empowerment.  Self defense techniques are "hidden" within the dance movements with the purpose of ingraining this sense of security within the body. 


We incorporate the magic of nature to help ground and nurture ourselves and to connect with the world around us.  We integrate nerd references into our dance (Hogwarts & hips, LOTR) to bring out the playful side and to have fun!

Last but certainly not least, Bonsai is highly inspired by dance styles: Datura, Fly Fusion, ATS & ITS.   We strive to embody the beauty & community that these forms represent!